Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The gospel in marriage

So lets just say I've been majorly slacking on my blog. Ok slacking or actually been non-exsistent for the past 10 months...
In my defense, I've been busy working towards my masters in biblical counseling, working full time for Young Life, and being pursued by a wonderful Godly man and planning a wedding!

But now I am back. and hope to be more active about blogging because I love sharing my thoughts and heart. I've been married 2.5 weeks now... and my new husband actually inspired this here goes.

Nathan and I got engaged in May, and married almost exactly 5 months later, so it was a fast engagement time for sure. During that time we took a 8 week engagement class at church where we learned a ton on many different topics like finances, conflict, families, etc.  The biggest take away I think was that: Our marriage has the opportunity to share with others and ourselves the gospel of Jesus.

I was thinking about that this morning as I lay on the couch with a fever, sick as a dog. I have been sick the past 3 days. With a fever and achiness all over, I have been unable to really do anything, much less do all the "wifely" things that I thought i would do like cook meals for my husband,  keep the house clean,  and take care of him!

Instead, the opposite has been happening all week...Nate has been taking care of me! Cooking me meals, getting me medicine, praying for me, buying me flowers, and movies to watch while im home all day sick. And its been really hard for me for some reason...because i wanted to be the one taking care of him! and i felt like a failure! This morning I realized that my husband has been showing me the gospel this week through his love to me. And me not wanting to accept it is only hurting me. It feels so good to just jump into to his love and let him love me and take care of me. And I don't have to do anything to deserve it. This directly parallels with my relationship with Christ. Christ is always there, wanting to love me and care for me and wanting me to just LET HIM take control. And how much i fight that so often. And how good it feels just to let Jesus love me. And freeing to just relax in that love. And know that I didn't have to do anything to deserve it, its a free gift.

So shout out to my hubby for showing me the love of Christ through his love of me.

                                      (pic from our honeymoon last week in Maui)

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